Learn How to $ave

Miss Coupon Diva saves on more than just her groceries! She has saved money on everything in her home; from cabinets to tables, furniture, counter-tops and more. She can show you how to save money and make your home look great with just a little creativity. You can depend on Miss Coupon Diva to show you how to get the quality items you deserve, at prices you can afford.

I frequently put money saving tips and advice on myFacebook page and blog. However, if you require specific questions answered, I do offer one-on-one consultations for a small fee to teach you my savings techniques. The fee is $50 and the session lasts about a hour. Please register on my pay pal account to set up a consult joyce@misscoupondiva.com. My coupon philosophy will work anywhere. A seminar would require a min-um of 10 participates.

In the meantime, you can begin maximizing your $avings by implementing the following Diva Tips:

  • Make a shopping list of products that you always use and avoid those eye-catching, decoy items
  • Pay attention to your circulars
  • Sign up for your store's frequent shopper discount card
  • Understand unit pricing
  • Subscribe to my blog for more money-saving tips and advice: http://thefirstmisscoupondiva.blogspot.com
  • And finally, visit other online-saving websites, such as:

Contact Miss Coupon Diva today at 215-474-6603 or via email at joyce@misscoupondiva.com to begin maximizing your savings today!