Coupon Diva, thanks for all your help with the couponing. I called you earlier and you just don't realize how much help you are! You have saved me so much money in the last few weeks. Thanks!
- Cathy Stansell

I took your advice about writing to the company for coupons and applied it to my son's super expensive eczema medication, turns out they do have a program to make it cheaper and now we get $50 (!) off his $160 medication!! That's a significant change in our household! Thank you for the awesome advice!
- Melissa Stevenson

Hi to all who visit this site!! The Coupon Diva can really help you save money. I am a student of hers who did not believe in cutting coupons at first. I thought it was a waste of my time but when we went to the market together and I saw first hand how much money she saved, I began to check the supermarket circulars and matching the sale items with my coupons and my cabinets have never been so full!! If you contact her it will be well worth your time and it is a skill that will carry over to all of the purchases. You will never want to pay full price again!!
- Mary Ann Jones

I watched Miss Coupon Diva on Philadelphia's NBC 10 where she was explaining how she bought a $79.00 electric toothbrush for $5! Immediately she had my attention. I ran right out and bought my $79 electric toothbrush for $5 and since then I've become fastidious about using coupons. Thank you for opening my eyes to the power of coupons Miss Coupon Diva!
- Rahel Solomon

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